Conversational AI Platform – How To Tune Your Shop’s Performance

For an online store, the dollar does not stop at selling the item only. Being an ecommerce storeowner, you want to track the performance of your digital shopping cart constantly and that is critically important! You always have to be informed about the status your online business and have a very clear idea about the operation. However, it is not too simple measuring the performance of your ecommerce shopping cart. There are a lot of parameters you will need to contemplate some of them are domain or business specific and some are more generalized in nature. Here we discuss a few aspects of performance tracking of your digital shopping cart:

  • Keep a tab on your gains

Your revenue depends upon various things. You may run a PPC campaign on Google Adwords using a thick daily budget you will definitely get better sales with bulging earnings. Nonetheless, this is a return of another investment concerning your PPC expenditure. Similarly, if you reduce the cost of your merchandise under the market price, you will receive sales and expanding earnings figure. Again, you are compromising with your profit margin to enroll improved sales. So, it is important that you constantly monitor your profit percent on a definite time period and normal plot it on a chart. A uniform upward expansion means you are heading for a fantastic time!

  • Distributed sales

The success of Conversational AI Platform largely depends on your own per customer sales. To put it differently, it is far better to have five clients purchasing a certain quantities of merchandise rather than one customer purchasing the same. If there are more individual purchasing sprees on your online store, better chances you have of a fantastic exposure in the market place. So, it is essential that you keep a tab on earnings vs. No. Of customers’ ratio.

  • Quicker delivery, increased satisfaction

Your clients like to get the shipment in time. If you are committing that the item will be delivered in two days, it needs to be 2 days. If he gets in on the 3rd day, the client will not blame the shipping company he will blame you! So, keep a tab on the shipping dates of every consignment. Request the shipping company to send you a weekly or a fortnightly record of delivery of consignments and figure out the date difference between the order information and the date delivery of every order. If the gap is more than what you are promising for some order, learn why the shipment was delayed. If the cases of missing the delivery date are regular, it is time to change the delivery company.

  • Use Google’s observation and analysis tools

Google offers a plethora of tools to analyze and track the performance of your site. Google analytics can enable you to monitor your visitors on a daily basis with different filters and views. Likewise Google web master toolkit can enable you to track your product-keywords and their overall positions on the internet.